Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Uncle Sam's Quilt

Historically, I have never been a huge patriot or really into Americana type artwork or decor. I think I just was over blue and red because those were my school colors, milk of magnesia blue and scarlet red. It is that same reasoning that I couldn't stand the music of Aaron Copeland, we did his music my senior year of high school in marching band and I had heard it all 4 years of marching band from other schools, I just didn't want to hear it anymore. (I felt the same about the song "proud to be an american" which was a fan favorite).  

I often wonder if the forced patriotism during my high school years was due to September 11. I was actually on the practice field during marching band in the morning when we heard the news. That same school year, in the spring, our band trip was to Washington D.C. for memorial day. We performed at the Washington monument and then later at a veterans home, all patriotic music, which was fitting. 

Safe to say, when I left high school I needed some time away from it. Sure, I am glad to be living in America, where I am pretty much free. The lifestyle I have chosen I am free to live. I also have the freedom to be enslaved to our country's debt and to my personal debt. I swear to speak the truth in the court of law, to give justice and freedom to those on trial and the government spits out lies to all Americans. So I stick by my statement, I am pretty much free. But I live in hope that one day we might have true freedom here in America.

It is with that hope that I made this quilt. I loosely followed the pattern from the Moda Bake Shop with prints I collected in red white and blue. I tea dyed most of my fabrics to give them an aged look. I gave this quilt to my Grandparents.      

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  1. So I want to cry....for so many reasons.....first, those pictures were taken on Rural Hill in Antioch, TENNESSEE (I miss you)....secondly, I'm a tad patriot, I tear up at the Olympics when they raise our flag or a little "John Phillips Sousa" can bring it out.....thirdly, thinking about 9/11, it's horrible.....

    But then I smile at your beautiful work. I'm so proud of you.