Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Elephant Quilt

5 or so years ago I went on a life changing trip to Kenya and absolutely fell in love with African art and culture. Which is why I was pleased as punch to find this elephant piece of cloth at the Nashville cultural festival. The lady I bought it from was Tanzanian and super sweet. It was a bit odd though because it was just an unfinished panel of cloth. I had considered sewing a bit around it and turning it into a wall hanging but I thought it would be used more as a quilt, and if I wanted I could hang the quilt on the wall too. 

 So I added strips the length of the panel to the top and bottom. I wanted a more rustic look so I took some smaller strips and sewed them on top of the patchwork leaving a frayed edge. Then I added two strips to the sides to make it just the right size. 

I love this quilt, it is perfect for a little nap on the couch, reminds me of Africa, and goes very well with my living room. Granted, this is my old living room, I don't have the rug or curtains in the new place, I haven't decided yet if I want them up. 

Happy travels to you all! 

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  1. One of my favorites, too. The colors are amazing.