Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anna's Quilt

My sister Anna graduated college this year so I had to make her a quilt. I made a quilt for one of my other sisters when she graduated high school so it was only fair that I make one for Anna too. I am also on a mission to give everyone in my family a quilt, I have no set time limits on this but I figure eventually everyone will get one. 

Anna wanted black, white, and pink which is a very fun color combo and I thought just a splash of pink here and there would look nice. So I used the same stacked coins pattern I did for my grandmother's quilt just made it bigger, a lot bigger. It is for a full size but it could probably fit a queen, I have a tendency to make quilts a bit bigger because when I am sleeping I always want more covers! 

I hand stitched a little patch that I heat-n-bonded to the back with a note and signature. I usually sign and date most of my quilts, I hope one day when I am long gone someone will find one of my quilts in an attic or thrift store somewhere and know that a Sarah made that. Or if my sister ever goes crazy (she is in education so that is not out of the question) she will at least know I made her this quilt. 

To finish it off I bound it using mostly the pink fabric with a few scraps here and there. It think it provides a really nice pop around the quilt. 

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