Friday, September 7, 2012

Hanging Gardens

My second quilt of 2012 was this "Hanging Gardens" quilt, so named for the fabric line I used which is Hanging Gardens II by M'Liss for Hancock Fabrics. I used to work at Hancock fabrics, which is where most of my fabric stash comes from. I remember the day this came off the truck I absolutely fell in love. I think I bought it either that day or the next. I loved the sorta art deco style it has which is a style I love and of course I love the colors! 

I did a simple staggered brick wall placement. This quilt also only took 2 weeks start to finish. It's about 60x60 square. This quilt has stayed with me, it is my favorite quilt to cuddle up with on the couch. 

All folded up you can see a bit of the fabric close up, I absolutely love it! 

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