Friday, September 14, 2012


Back when I was working at the fabric store in Clarksville,TN the assistant manager gave me these appliqued blocks. She knew I was doing some quilting and thought they would go to a good home, she also said she had a ton more and wanted to get rid of some. 

How did she get so many blocks? Well, a family member of hers was going through chemo and wanted something she could do by hand during that time. So she hand appliqued all these blocks. 

These blocks sat on my shelf for about a year before I did anything with them. I wasn't too sure what colors to go with. I knew I needed some dusty colors but I never saw anything in the store I liked. I would constantly bring those blocks in with me searching for something, anything that would go with them. The style and color scheme were both challenges for me because it's not what I am drawn to. But thankfully I finally found this dusty pink with dots and that amazing grey with a small floral print. The color and style matched perfectly! 

  I simply did some sashing around all my blocks and made a big grey border, anything else would have been overkill. Then to quilt it I just stitched in the ditch for most of it. This quilt is also special because I pieced the top in Nashville and quilted it in Austin. 

I signed the back and gave this quilt to my parents, I think it will be well taken care of with them. 

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