Monday, April 29, 2013


Thought I would send a little bit of love to the people of Boston and contribute to the "to Boston with love" project sponsored by the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. I did the heart one first and really enjoyed the process so I went ahead and made the bird one. I loved the pink heart but really wanted to brighten it up with the yellow and orange bird. They sewed up so quick and easy, pretty instant gratification with this one and it will hopefully send some love and cheer to the people of Boston. If you are interested in contributing check out the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild blog for instructions and inspiration.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sorta quilting

So I haven't been doing that much in terms of working on quilts. Mainly because I am unpacking my sewing area and a few of my things are still at my parent's house. I have, however, been working on bags, lots and lots of bags. 

My quilted totes I have been using a quilt as you go/ improv piecing method. I love the result and have given a few as gifts. These pictures are of one I am working on now as a special request for sale. 

I have also been working on several more utilitarian type bags. The Ikea fabric above was used to make a huge swimming bag for the spring and summer. And due to the recent Austin plastic bag ban (yay!) I have been making lots of reusable shopping bags. I already had some bags that I would use but I frequently forget to bring them with me so having extras to tuck away in the car and in my purse has been so handy. In fact I have plans on making more to have in every possible knook and cranny! Hopefully soon I will get back to making some quilts but I am really enjoying this bag craziness that has come over me!