Monday, January 28, 2013

I Will

I saw Tula Pink's "Nightshade" line at my LQS and absolutely fell in love with it. I just had to buy it. Never has fabric spoken to me so clearly. I am a purple girl, I have always loved black, and grey has become one of my new favorite colors. This fabric also walks the line of darkness so nicely, it's a little goth but with some elegance.

So I made this quilt top, all original, from my mind, no pattern. Sure it's a simple design but there is something about designing it yourself, I guess it just reminds me that I am a person, not a parrot. Anyways, I have been holding off on quilting this because it needs to be free motion quilted, it told me so. Ideally I would love to quilt some spiderwebs all over it, maybe a few stars mixed in. But I struggle with free motion quilting. I practice and I know I need many more hours of practice but I just am not pleased with my results yet which makes it hard to do so. But I have set this goal in my mind.

By the end of this year I Will finish this quilt, with spiderwebs..... and maybe a few stars.

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