Monday, January 21, 2013

Better late

This is the last quilt I did in 2012. Now I am quite aware that we are close to a full month into 2013 but at least I am doing it! That has to count for something right?

These pictures are of the quilt top I did for my brother-in-law. He is one of many who have gone to North Dakota for all the oil jobs up there. I decided to make him a quilt when it started getting chilly here in TX, I figured if I was cold here I could only imagine how cold it is there! I also liked the bit of a challenge a masculine quilt would be for me. Most of the fabric in my stash is floral, bold floral at that, and I have been trying to seek out masculine or unisex prints to add to all that floral. I also have a strange fixation with prints so throwing in the solids was a bit different for me but I think it had an amazing result. 

These quilt blocks were pieced onto paper and were so much fun to make. I absolutely love doing foundation piecing, on paper or fabric, because it seems to go by so quickly. Before I knew it I had all the blocks done! I used this tutorial at film in the fridge except I didn't glue my center string down, I basted it down, and I used the same solid for the edge strings to create the center diamonds.

I forgot to take pictures of the finished product but I just stitched in the ditch to quilt it and did a scrappy binding using the prints in the quilt. I love how this quilt turned out, it was one of my favorites to make and I hope to make more like it in the future.

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